Thomas Dahlsgaard

Thomas Dahlsgaard Petersen

thomas.dahlsgaard [at]

I am from Odense, Denmark but have lived in Copenhagen for many years. In addition, in connection with my work, I have lived in London and Helsinki. I have many years of experience from the financial world, where I, among other things, has advised and traded financial products. This gives me a good understanding of the financial process when entering in a real estate deal.
Having worked with clients for many years, I know that it is important to be service-minded and have an honest approach to the job and be able to give that extra, that makes the difference.
My goal is that you, as a customer, get such a good experience that you would recommend me to your network.
Some of the free time is used on cycling and playing golf, which means that many of the golf courses, I have had the pleasure of playing but have not yet played them all but there are also over 70. It is not without reason that they also call the Costa del Sol for Costa del Golf.
In connection with my cycling, I am part of “Cykelnerven”, which is a cycling team, where the goal is to raise as much money as possible for research into multiple sclerosis. This gives a fantastic feeling, to help do something for others, while giving me the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people. At the same time, the many thousands of kilometers on the bike also make me see a lot of this amazing area.