Maria Da Rocha

Maria Da Rocha

maria.darocha [at]

My name is María Da Rocha, Licensed Real Estate Agent by Malaga University UMA.

I started my career as administrative position in an international real estate agency in 2004 in Costa del Sol. After several years of experience,

I have developed my knowledge and professional background in different areas to be able to provide the best services on the process of buying and selling. 

Hard worker, competitive in a fair play competition with great positive manners and a sense of humour. As a listing agent my aim is to value your property in today's market to make it competitive and strong in no matter which market situation we are in and to get it sold in the shortest possible time. My best value is my honesty and my commitment to work.

In my personal time I love to be with my family and friends, I am a mother of a nice teenager and I like to try new adventures to escape from the routine and to enjoy life!