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My name is Viktoria and I am from Moscow, Russia. From time to time I thought it would be nice to live in a warm place. In my case, the problem was not the cold, it was wearing a lot of clothes most of the year. That made me tired! And fate gave me such an opportunity and since 2015 I have lived in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

It's a fantastic place! The paradise on earth!

From incredible and very different landscapes to being able to bathe at any time of the year. Tenerife has several climatic zones, depending on the height, the beach, the north and the south. In winter you can go to the Teide National Park and play with snowballs, return to Playa de las Américas and take a swim in the ocean.

In my free time I like to go to the beach, to train in the gym or on the street. Go out with my friends or do home barbecue events. I also love going for a walk in the forests or mountains, discovering new places such as hidden beaches, caves, waterfalls, etc.

I have a great passion for traveling. I have visited almost all the Canary Islands and I am still amazed by the uniqueness of each one. And when I'm on vacation, I visit at least one new European city.

Since 2018 I have been working at SkandiaMäklarna. I have learned many new, interesting and important things. Mainly I am dedicated to listings and everything related to photos. Each time it is a little adventure: meeting the seller, often also his family and his pets, one more corner of the island and the surrounding landscapes. I study the house and create it’s image to present it in the best possible way.

Through the lens of the camera I can convey the beauty, the mood, the dream that will convince reality for the buyer. And it is not difficult at all when you have the first quality tools that the company provides. For more technical minded clients, I draw floor plans.

I also serve Russian and Italian buyers. I speak 4 languages ​​in total, which is a great advantage in my job.

Contact me if you want to sell your house or want my help to find the place of your dreams!

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